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Bugga Strong Mango

Bugga Strong Mango

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Kava Concentrate + Kauai Mango = Positive Vibes

Our popular Bugga Strong Kava Concentrate with Anahola Mangos! We've experienced mango to be a kava potentiator! Enhancing the already high amount of kavalactones contained in our concentrated kava blend.

Ingredients: Water, Nobel Kava blend (Hawaiian Awa, Vanuatu, Solomon, Fijian), Anahola Mango, Organic Sugar, Kava Extract, Kauai Lime, Hawaiian Salt.

Super concentrated kava elixir!

1 oz of Bugga Strong Kava Concentrate is equivalent to 5 kava shells.

  • Hawaiian Awa: 3-4 fresh-frozen Awa varieties (Kava from Hawaii).
  • Polynesian Kava Kava: 4-5 traditionally dried varieties from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Fiji.
  • Kava Extract: For additional positive vibes!

Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.

Bottle: 2 oz. 2 servings per bottle.

Dose: 1 oz as needed up to 12 times per day.

Suggested Uses: Enjoy diluted, as 2 shots, or sip.

Drink Aloha. Feel Da Mana!

Bottled in Kapaa, Kauai.

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